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The Start of Something Great

While Spring is usually the season of new beginnings and fresh changes, we find ourselves at the end of Summer with many new things happening in our little family. Why, what a better way to mark the venture into these new chapters with then a blog? (Uggh, that’s so Generation Y, we know, we know. Just be glad we didn’t start a Twitter account about it, ok)

So what new chapters have been started, you ask? Well, let me tell you. The Key, Jen, and Teagan Trifecta (oh, I almost forgot Clementine) has merged together even more closely by way of a new home together. Seeing how Key & myself come from somewhat commitment phobic pasts, this is truly a benchmark.


Also, Teagan has started Kindergarten this fall. Talk about bein’ a big girl! Next thing I know, she’ll be wanting to wear lipstick out of the house… oh wait… she already tries to do that. But you get my point. It’s such a strange feeling walking your child into an elementary school for the first time. On the first day of school, she was so excited & didn’t appear nervous at all. As her new teacher came out to let the class in, she turned around, waved goodbye, and walked through the double doors of her Kindergarten, out of my sight. I couldn’t help but start to cry. The silly thought of “She’s gone forever! That’s it!” kept running through my mind. Now, almost a month of attending Kindergarten later, I’m glad to report that she is still in fact around & not gone forever. Well, at least not for another thirteen years, maybe.

So, here we are. Our “fake family” as someone once put it. I like to think of us as a traditional family, brought together in untraditional ways. A Young, a Shaffer, a Murphy; ¬†slightly mixed, yet well blended together, to form the perfect consistency.